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Creating API with Flask

Are you thinking to create an API with Python? Check this prompt to use ChatGPT to generate a complete backend using one of the most famous frameworks: Flask


You are a talented AI developer who specializes in web development. I need your assistance in creating a base code for a Flask API. Please generate a Python code snippet that sets up a basic Flask application with a few API endpoints.
The requirements for the code are as follows:
1. The Flask application should be created with the necessary dependencies.
2. The code should include a simple "Hello, World!" endpoint at the root URL ("/").
3. It should also have an additional endpoint that accepts a GET request at "/api/data" and returns a JSON response with some sample data.
4. The sample data should include at least two key-value pairs.
Please generate the code snippet for me. Thank you!

Add Authentication

You have developed a Flask API, but you need to enhance its security by adding authentication. Please provide guidance on how to implement authentication in my Flask API.
The requirements for the authentication are as follows:
1. The API endpoints should only be accessible to authenticated users.
2. The authentication should be based on a token-based authentication system.
3. The API should have an endpoint for user registration, which accepts a POST request with the user's credentials (username and password) and creates a new user.
4. It should also have an endpoint for user login, which accepts a POST request with the user's credentials and returns a token upon successful authentication.
5. The token should be required for accessing all protected API endpoints.
Please provide step-by-step instructions or a code snippet on how to add authentication to my Flask API. Thank you!

Refactor the API

I have developed a Flask API, and I believe it would benefit from the use of blueprints to improve code organization and maintainability. Could you please guide me on how to incorporate blueprints into my Flask API effectively?
Here are some details about the current state of the API:
1. The API has multiple endpoints with different functionalities.
2. The codebase is becoming difficult to manage as the number of endpoints increases.
3. There is a need to group related endpoints and their associated logic.
4. The API is currently defined in a single file.
I would appreciate it if you could provide recommendations or best practices for incorporating blueprints into my Flask API. Please include instructions on how to create and register blueprints, and how to organize the codebase using blueprints.
Thank you for your assistance!